Ancient Greek Religion

Sparta - Mt. Taygetus, haunt of Artemis





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English Usage
Mark Israel's inimitable compendium of information and advice
Grammar & Writing FAQ
Prof. Darling's list of most commonly asked grammar and writing questions - and writing and composition guide
Guide to Grammar & Style
How to Get an A
McGraw-Hill's English Writers' Community
Resources for Writers

Oxford Classical Dictionary
[UC Berkeley only]
Seyffert's Dictionary of Classical Antiquity
no history or geography, & to be used with caution, in view of its age: but surprisingly full, & it was revised by Nettleship & Sandys
Smith's Dictionary of Greek & Roman Biography & Mythology
Old but very useful & full reference work
Dictionary of Greek & Roman Antiquities
Smith's dictionary of 'everything that isn't a person or place'
Wiki Classical Dictionary
the 'open house' dictionary



Many Greek authors and texts are to be found (Greek & English versions) on Perseus. Listed below is a supplement: texts or authors not on Perseus, additional versions of particular interest, & language tools & resources.

Aesop's Fables
Ancient Greek Online Library
author biographies and texts

Apollonius of Rhodes Argonautica
Seaton's prose translation

Chris Howard's remarkably comprehensive, yet still growing, site on Aristotle & all his work. Includes online translations of all works, as well as essays & plenty of other resources.

Aristotle & Plato
Authoritative English translations [UC Berkeley only]

Early Church Fathers

Early Church Fathers II
Irenaeus, Eusebius, Gregory, Photius etc. etc.

Useful synopses of plays, evidence for dating etc.
Herodotus on the Web
a major collection of quality resources (200+) of all kinds on one of the key historians
Homer: the Chicago Homer
a very useful resource: all of Homer & Hesiod, with Greek & English line by line, linked to word & phrase frequency data, scholia & papyri
Homer's Iliad
Martin Mueller's useful monograph
Homer's Odyssey
Samuel Butler's fine prose translation
Odyssey Resources
mostly different translations to compare, helpfully arranged book by book
Plutarch - Chaironeia
'Plutarch's Home on the Web': texts, biographies, bibliography, influence etc.

the only translation online of the whole of Polybius (the Loeb version).

Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum
full list of online texts
(part of David Camden's excellent forum romanum project)
Fonti Letterarie
a full and very useful list of online texts and tools for Latin authors.
Greek Authors Online
the UBasel database - texts & links
Latin Authors Online
the UBasel database - texts & links
Latin & Greek Authors on the Web
The Latin Library
A large collection of Latin texts (Classical & post-Classical) online.
Library of Ancient Texts Online
A full catalog of Greek texts available online (in Greek & English)
The Little Sailing
Agelos Perdikouris' collection of (mostly ancient) Greek texts, in Greek & translation
Patrologia Latina
Migne online (UCB only)
Presocratics & Zeno in Greek & English
The Roman Law Library
Texts in translation online
the MIT Internet Classics Archive


Ancient Library: Bookshelf
various interesting & rare works (mostly secondary & reference)
links to more than 10,000 literary & historical texts online from all periods - Greek, English, French, Russian...
Dodds: the Greeks & the Irrational
a classic groundbreaking work, available online for members of UC
Electronic Text Archive
list of numerous sites offering texts online
eScholarship editions
Books online from several presses, including more than 90 in Classics - mostly accessible only to UC with CalNet ID
Project Gutenberg
More than 13,000 texts freely available as eBooks, including many Classical authors.


L'Année Philologique
(UCB only)
Books & Writers
Huge list of authors, ancient to modern, with very full, informative biographies, bibliographies etc.
Classical Folklore Scholarship
Adrienne Mayor's useful bibliography (April 2000) of material on Greek & Roman myths and legends of potential interest to folklorists
Heracles: a bibliography
History Journals Guide
Liber Antiquus
general bibliography of the ancient book
Pinax Online
Marc Huys' list of web bibliographies on the ancient Greek world
searchable tables of contents of 185 journals 'of interest to classicists' (mostly since 1992)
Traditio Classicorum
Charles Lohr's bibliography of works on the fate (fortuna) of Classical authors down to 1650

eBooks @ Adelaide
List of writers, ancient to modern, with brief biographies, lists of e-texts etc.




Perseus Philologic Chicago
text browse and search
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
UCB Pathfinder Search
UCB Art History-Classics
UB Karlsruhe Virtual Katalog
search catalogs of German, Austrian, Swiss, English, French etc. libraries & booksellers
British Library
Ancient Greek (Hellenic) Links
Cambridge U. Classics Resources on the Web
Classics/Med Links
Cultural Map of Hellas
the 'official' site of the Greek Ministry of Culture with links to their individual websites for museums, sites etc. - a mixed bag, but very useful.
Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World
Electronic Resources for Classicists
very full list of all kinds of resources (UC Irvine)
Graeca im Internet
rich & systematic collection of material on all aspects of Ancient Greece
Latin Link Lexikon
Hellenic Resources Network
Humbul Humanities Hub
catalog of online humanities resources
Kapatija: Aegean Information Sites
A Journey Through Ancient Greece
extensive coverage, by an enthusiast, of all aspects of Greece, with full sections on religion, cults, myth

Parada: Greek Mythology Link
Carlos Parada's comprehensive site for Greek Myth, with refs. to sources and material helpfully arranged into (sub-)categories by theme etc.
Theoi Project
good collection of primary sources (textual, iconographic)
Who Was Who in Mythology
brief but useful entries for a wide range of characters
Flood Stories from around the World
Peter Hawlina's genealogical charts - go to the list of names & click on a name


Greek Travel Places
large dynamic directory
Leake: Travels in Northern Greece
e-text of Leake vol. II
Google Maps: Greece
Satellite Pictures
Courtesy NASA
Map of Athens in the time of Pericles
rich in supplementary information on the principal sites, figures, history etc. as well as additional maps & plans
Maplandia: Greece (Google)
satellite maps of Greece & neighboring countries
Maps of the Ancient Mediterranean
Detailed maps of modern Greece
Maps of Greece
Directory of country & city maps of different kinds [EmbassyWorld]


Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites
American Journal of Archaeology
Archaeology Magazine
Archäologie Online
the most complete index of archaeological sites & resources
Archaeology Web Sites
Metis: Archaeological Sites
interactive - click on the picture for each site & the buttons below it for instructions & to get different views
Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
a very detailed & scholarly course of lectures and supporting material (including many photos)

The Illicit Antiquities Resource Centre, Cambridge, UK



Classical Athens, Culture & Society
high quality survey, from FHW, of society, economy, politics, religion etc. of ancient Athens.

Ancient Weddings
Greek & Roman Weddings
Jennifer Powers' MA thesis

Ancient Theatre Archive
Thomas Hines' virtual reality tour of numerous theatre sites in Greece, Italy, Turkey etc. - still under development, but very useful.
Dr.J's Illustrated Theater
a full collection of images of theatres, vase-paintings, monuments etc.
Overview & Sites
numerous sites -click on the map dots

Overview & Sites
click on the dots on the map

Ancient Divination & Astrology
a selection of major online resources
Ancient Goddesses
a useful review survey
Animal Sacrifice Database
Eleusinian Mysteries (Beck)
a very full collection (& citation) of the texts
Eleusinian Mysteries (Beach)
essay and bibliography by Edward Beach.
Halliday's Greek Divination
Hero Cults
Heroines in Myth & Cult
the complete text of Deborah Lyons' book
Minoan Religion
Mycenaean Religion

Satyrs & Maenads
Nikosthenos Painter - Hermitage


Hartmann's KunstLexikon

Beazley Archive: Pottery
images of many of the major pieces of Greek pottery (vase painting) - sort by divinity, theme, site etc.
Beazley Archive: Sculpture
a collection of many of the major pieces of Greek sculpture - sort by divinity, theme, site etc.
Classical & Hellenistic Greek Art
study guides, with many illustrations, references, plans etc.
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum
more than 100,000 vases, catalogued by museum, type, period etc. & searchable
Theoi Project
useful selection of images & info

a useful collection of images, links, texts etc. for the iconography & numerous sanctuaries of Athena
catalog of centaurs in vase painting

Olympian Gods in Vase Painting

the Trojan War
images of the causes, the War, and homecomings (incl. Odyssey)


Architecture: terms, types, plans
Greek Art & Architecture
rich photographic resources from U Colorado for main sites & art
Greek Vase Types
Perseus Buildings Catalog



The Abduction of Hippodameia
Musée Rodin

Art Gallery
Renaissance & later artists influenced by Greek Mythology

Web Museum Paris
large and informative gallery of artists from the middle ages on



Perseus Art Archaeology Catalog

Acheron, Oracle of the Dead
Aegina, Temple of Aphaia
Aegina, Temple of Aphaea
good photos
Amathus (Cyprus)
Amyclae (Sparta)
(& esp. the sanctuary of Apollo)
The Univ of Patras site for the whole region & its individual sites - in Greek, some pages in English, many illustrations
Argive Heraion (Perseus)
history, monuments, sculpture, coinage etc.
Asea, Arcadia
a new Demeter sanctuary
Athens: Art & Archaeology of Attica
David Gill's excellent site covering the Acropolis, Agora, Kerameikos, Pnyx, Attica, Sounion & Thorikos
very good images on art, monuments, coinage
Athens Acropolis
- Greek Ministry of Culture
Athens, the Parthenon
Athens Acropolis, South Slope

Athens Acropolis
Mary Sullivan's excellent photos

Athenian Agora Site Guide
the official guide to the agora by the American School of Classical Studies
Athens, Agora (II)
Athens: Parthenon Frieze
survey through the full frieze
Athens: sites and monuments
a rich collection of images by Kevin Glowacki
Attica: Art & Archaeology
David Gill's excellent site
Aulis, Temple of Artemis
Brauron I - good information about history & cult practices
Brauron II
Kevin Glowacki's article and collection of photos of the site.
Corinth (II)
history, monuments, sculture, coinage etc.
Crete - Minoan Crete
50 Minoan sites: pictures & descriptive text
Delos: some good photos
Delphi - images
Delphi - good photos (Perseus collection)
Dr. J.'s illustrated Delphi
Perseus entry
images of Demeter, Persephone, Eleusis, by Karl Galinsky UTexas Austin
by the Austrian Arch. Institute

History and Tour

Isthmia Excavations (Ohio State U)
Isthmus: sanctuary of Poseidon
excavation reports from U Chicago
Isthmian Sanctuary of Poseidon
Hero Cults - Palaimon-Melicertes

rich in recently found statues


Lycosura II
site plans, photos, detailed history

Lykaion (Mt.) Excavation/Survey
the U. Arizona - U. Pennsylvania - American School project
Lykaion (Mt.)
Dr. Romano's day by day weblog of the UPenn 2006 survey & excavations on Mt. Lykaion
Macedonia: Hellenic Macedonia
Extensive material on history, culture, sites etc. of Macedonia, with an excellent and full gallery of images

Mt. Lycaion
the sanctuary of Zeus

history, monuments etc.
Mycenae (British School at A)
Nemea - Berkeley's own.....
Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Olympia II - images
Olympia III - Dr. J's Illustrated Olympia
good collection of photos
of both the site & the museum
Olympia IV
history, monuments, art, coinage - and a victor list... & good images
Olympia - ground plan
(French) with photos nicely patched in. Informative.
Olympia: Olympic Games (French)
very full & informative (texts, photos, plans, history etc.)
Olympia - a tour (Perseus)

Olympia - Statue of Zeus
reconstructions, texts of Pausanias, Strabo describing the sculpture

The Peloponnese
Good historical accounts, with good photos, of all the districts of the Peloponnese.
Perachora (British School)
Perachora (wikipedia)
Pergamum: Altar of Zeus
some lapses in English & spelling, but good information & photos
Pergamum: Altar of Zeus II
Good collection of photos of the Telephus frieze & gigantomachy
Psychro, Crete: Cave of Zeus

Samos: Heraeon
a transcription of Kyrieleis' authoritative guide to the site

Samos: Heraeon - good photos
history, monuments, religion, society, coinage etc.
Sounion I
history & overview (Greek Arch Serv)
Sounion II
Dr. J.'s Illustrated Sounion
Sounion - a good account of the history & archaeology
Sparta, Menelaion
Tegea, Sanctuary of Athena Alea
history, monuments, sculpture, coinage, society etc.

Thera (Santorini) - Akrotiri
site and museum

the official site of Project Troia
reporting on the latest excavations, reconstructions etc.

Vassai - temple of Apollo
good photos

Lost Trails
Shane Solow's fine b & w photos of numerous Greek sites, including Aigeira, Aigion, Alabanda, Amphiareion, Argos, Asine, Brauron, Caria, Delphi, Dyme, Elis, Icaria, Ister, Kardamyle, Karpathos, Kythera, Labranda, Lepreum, Lydia, Mantinea, Marathon, Mycenae, Olympia, Orchomenos, Patrai, Pellene, Pylos, Rhodes, Samos, Sardis, Sparta, Symi, Taenarum, Tegea.


Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites

Aphrodite of Cyprus
iconography, sanctuary etc.
Artemision, Ephesus
Heraion, Samos
Isthmian Sanctuary of Poseidon
Hero Cults - Palaimon-Melicertes
Sparta, Artemis Orthia (I)
Sparta, Artemis Orthia (II)
Sparta, Artemis Orthia - Dawkins
the text of the 1929 publication of the excavations



Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: Classical Archaeology (Beazley)
an important site for all study of all types of material remains

Athens, Acropolis Museum
Athens, Acropolis Museum
additional photos
Athens, Agora Museum
Athens Metro Museums
finds from excavations during extension of the Athens Metro
Athens, National Arch. Museum
Athens, Museum of Cycladic Art
London: British Museum
London: British Museum: Compass
The BM's online database - first-rate images, scholarly texts, references
Moscow: Hermitage
Moscow: Hermitage -
Ancient Greek Pottery
Moscow: Hermitage -
Greek & Roman Sculpture
Munich Antikensammlung
many famous vases
Munich Glyptothek
home of the Aegina Aphaia temple sculptures
Oriental Institute UChicago
Paris: Louvre
Metropolitan Museum, NY
UPennsylvania Museum
Martina Dieterle's extensive 1998 doctoral dissertation (in German) on the origins & religious & historical development of the sanctuary of Zeus
Herakleion, Crete
Lamia including the 'Artemis Locheia' relief

Vatican Museums



Alexander the Great
In the Footsteps of Alexander: the Michael Wood TV documentary recreation of the journey of Alexander, here very fully presented in website form by Maryland Public TV
Alexander the Great (JJP)
John Popovic' very full site (texts, maps, primary sources, cross-references, illustrations etc.
Alexander the Great on the Web
1,000+ resources of all kinds on Alexander

Ancient History Sourcebook
huge collection of texts by period

Ancient World
a sound & lively comprehensive history by an unusual author
Cyprus - a history
The History Channel
Late Antiquity Bibliography
(Neue Forschungen zur Spätantike) from the Freie Universität, Berlin: Bibliography (1990 - 2002) and links of topics, emperors, authors etc.
Marcus Aurelius
Bibliography and links of MA and his times (Freie Universität, Berlin)
The Peloponnese
Good historical accounts, with good photos, of all the districts of the Peloponnese.
a good collection of texts & resources on the history & society of Sparta
Sparta II
a selection of material on Spartan history, religion, culture etc.




Resources referenced on have been carefully selected to be as reliable, significantly informative and authoritative as possible.

Suggestions are always welcome; and if you spot anything of questionable quality, or a broken link, please let us know.

This site is updated on a continuous basis - bookmark it and check back regularly.


The Calendar & Festivals
a good summary of the Athenian calendar & its festivals
Hellenic Month (HMEPA)
detailed reconstruction of the Athenian calendar & synchronisation with the modern calendar- sections on festivals, Olympiads etc., monthly day-to-day calendar
FHW Survey - Religion & Festivals

Seasonal Festivals
A good overview of the major Greek & Roman festivals.

Dionysia (Greater)
Eleusinian Mysteries (Beck)
a very full collection of the texts pertaining to the Mysteries
Eleusinian Mysteries (Beach)
a helpful essay (and bibliography) by Edward Beach.
Eleusinian Mysteries
Thesmophoria - II


Zeus: texts - images
Hera: texts - images
Athena: texts - images
Hephaestus: texts - images
Poseidon: texts - images
Hades: texts - images
Apollo: texts - images
Artemis: texts - images
Aphrodite: texts - images
Demeter: texts - images
Dionysus: texts - images
Ares: texts - images
Hermes: texts - images
a useful collection of images, links, texts etc. for various sanctuaries of Athena
two movies on a Dionysus vase by the Art Institute of Chicago: brief and light, but fun.



Eyewitness Report of the destruction of Baghdad Museum
from the Independent, London

Iraq's Treasures Still Being Looted
June 2005 update

British Museum Rescue Pledge
for Iraq museums - from the Guardian, London

the 'Antikythera Mechanism'
a sophisticated astrolabe from Rhodes, c. 80 BC - recovered from a shipwreck and recently reconstructed
Antikythera Mechanism (II)
report of new tests & their results published in 'Nature' Dec. 2006
Delphi - fumes from clefts in the rocks
the latest scientific evidence on an old and controversial topic
'Euripides' Cave'
Excavating the Persian Fleet
Underwater archaeology planned off Mt. Athos to excavate remains of the Persian fleet that tried to invade Greece in the early 5th century
Excavating Troy
article & interviews with Korfmann, the late long-term recent excavator at Troy
Getty to Hand Back 'Looted Art'
Greek Icon with Miraculous Powers Stolen
the Greeks: Crucible of Civilisation
rather simple, and with too much overly-ambitious technology, but reliable
Halley's Comet: the earliest sighting in 466 BC
Illegally Acquired Antiquities in Museums
Bloomberg report on an Italian prosecution involving the Getty, the Metropolitan & Princeton
Ithaca = Cephalonia?
Ithaca = Cephalonia? - II
Mary Beard's incisive review of the issue & the latest theory
John Chadwick
the ever-modest decipherer of Linear B (died 1998)
the Mask of Agamemnon
articles in 'Archaeology Magazine' on the authenticity of the famous mask found by Schliemann at Mycenae

Myth in Modern Movies
some surprises - do you know who's really behind the Matrix...?

Olympia - Hippodrome
the site of the hippodrome, previously thought to have been irretrievably lost in flooding, has been determined (May 2008) using geomagnetic technology

Phaistos Disk

Parthenon Marbles in Color
as they were originally...
Statues of Athena & Hera Discovered at Gortyn
Thera - the Minoan eruption re-examined
the Tektas Burnu Shipwreck
reports on the underwater excavation of a 5th century BC Aegean shipwreck by Texas A&M's George Bass
Trojan War bodies found?
Underwater City Surveyed
Pavlopetri, 2800 - 1200 BC
'Venus de Milo'
The sculptor of the famous Aphrodite from Melos has been identified, it seems...

Vergina: New Finds
A gold wreath in a container, found late August 2008



The Ancient Olympics
The Centaur's Smile: the Human Animal in Early Greek Art
Exhibit of centaurs, sphinxes, gorgons etc in 110 small objects spanning 4 centuries - Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Coming of Age in Ancient Greece
New York, Cincinnati, Los Angeles
From Ishtar to Aphrodite
3200 Years of Cypriot Hellenism
In the Light of Apollo
National Art Gallery, Athens
'Hellenic Renaissance': the role of Greece in the Italian Renaissance. A major exhibit for Olympia 2004.
Landscapes of Myth
current Getty exhibit
19th Century Photography of Ancient Greece
Olympics Through Time
Oxyrhynchus - an exhibition
a nice exhibition on one of the most important sites for Greek papyri - history, methodology, finds etc. Many images.
Treasures of Mt. Athos


Ancient Greek
online resources from which to learn and read ancient Greek
Ancient Greek Music
all published fragments of music & recordings of them
BBC History, Arts, Literature
a very rich site - use the Search facility for best results
Byzantine Manuscripts & Palaeography
Byzantine Studies on the Net
intro to Byzantium and comprehensive resources for Byzantine studies of all kinds
Lawrence U's Buerger collection of coins with essays on metals, minting, usage etc.

Coins: Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum database
(FitzWilliam Museum, Cambridge)

a very full bibliography on ancient Greek costume
Crete in Pictures
a comprehensive collection
Egypt Exploration Society
Franchthi Cave, the Argolid
17,000 years of Greek pre-history from the palaeolithic to the late neolithic, 20,000 - 3,000 BC
Greek Personal Names
interesting & useful lists, images of sources (gravestones, vases etc.), information.
an informative survey of medicine in the ancient world
Oxyrhynchus Papyri
the main website for the collection
extensive information and many images

the Parian Marble ('Marmor Parium')

The Parthenon Marbles
very good photos & presentation, along with detailed arguments for the Return of the marbles
The Peplos Kore
Prosopography of Athens
online database (still partial) of known persons in & around Athens
Santorini Volcano
Sumerian Mythology & Religion
a comprehensive intro and FAQ
Women in the Greek World
a whole course, with bibliographies etc.

Ancient World on Television
TV listings for the week of programs to do with the ancient world

Current Weather in Greece...


Classics Central
Bulletin Board for posts & discussions of anything to do with Classics
Discussion Lists Directory (History)
our own newsgroup, Museion, for anything Hellenic
David Meadows' blog/journal/newsletter
TraveBlogs - Greece
modern-day travellers' diaries: variable texts, but often good photos


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